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The Necessity of Healing

Why taking time to heal is related to practicing self-care, especially post-surgery

One week ago, I had a surgery that requires a 4 to 6 week recovery. After two days in the hospital and five days now at home, here is the number one thing I've learned so far...I'm horrible at sitting and taking care of ME. Sure, I love self-care and I love to encourage others to practice self-care, but here's the thing, recovering from surgery has seemed not exactly like "self-care." So, I dug into reading about how to handle this, and today, I am passing on my thoughts, experiences, and what I am learning onto you.

Taking time to heal refers to the process of allowing your body the necessary time and rest it needs to recover after surgery or any other significant medical procedure. It involves following advice from your doctors, RESTING, and avoiding activities that may hinder your healing process.

On the other hand, self care encompasses a broader concept concept that involves taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It includes activities and practices that promote overall health and rejuvenation, not just during the healing process but also day-to-day life.

And what if you are, very much like me, used to a highly active lifestyle? It is important to relax and prioritize YOU and YOUR HEALING after surgery.

The things I am trying to remember at this time are these things:

  • Allow your body to focus on healing: Surgery puts significant stress on your body and it needs time and energy to repair and recover. By resting and taking it easy, you are allowing your body to do it's work in recovery.

  • Reduce the risk of complications: Pushing yourself too hard or returning to your regular activities (or work) too soon can increase the risk of complications such as infection, delayed wound healing, or even re-injury.

  • Prevent unnecessary strain and stress and setbacks: Engaging in activities that are too strenuous or demanding can put excessive strain on those tissues that are trying to heal! Plus you don't want to create setbacks in your healing process! (Note to self, trying to move the couch was actually really have a husband and nearly 16 year old son to do these things and there is no need to rearrange at this time! Yep. I did that. Hence this weeks blog...)

  • Minimize pain and discomfort: Overexerting yourself too soon after surgery can lead to increased pain and discomfort. Follow through on what the doctor tells you to do- take your pain meds, antibiotics, etc. and follow the "do not do's". This allows your body to recover.

  • Promote long-term healing and well-being: Prioritize that self-care! By putting yourself first, you are actually regaining strength, and you will be able to come back with more energy and wellness in a safe way.

  • BE PATIENT. The healing process takes time. Give yourself permission to relax...and binge watch that show (or two) you've wanting to watch on Netflix. Now is the time. Listen to your body and enjoy allowing it time to be strong again.

Understanding your body needs time to heal in crucial. Accept your limitations. Stay positive! Take the time to practice self care and find things you enjoy that is relaxing and rejuvenating like reading a book, practicing meditation, spending time with valued friends (check back next week for the next blog on "Building a Reliable Tribe of Friends".)

Sisters, this is an area I have learned I need to focus on more in my life. Perhaps it will help you, too! If ever you'd like to connect and chat about areas you'd like to talk about and be better in, please allow The Sisterhood Coaching to be your safe place to land. We are here to listen, support, and help you.

Thank you for reading this week! I promise I am logging off to go watch a Netflix show...I'm finally going to sit down and watch Virgin River. Have you seen it? Did you like it? Do you have other suggestions?

As always, blessings!

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-Coach Stacie


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