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With the Sisterhood coaching, we believe in the fact that this is a sisterhood for life. When you work with us we want to help provide the coaching, accountability, support, and friendship to help you grow in your journey.

We also believe that once you are a sister in the sisterhood, you are always a sister and we will be there with you every step of the way and when you need us.

Take a minute and read some of our most recent testimonials from some or our sisters.

"As I have been looking back in my folder of our sessions together, I am reminded of what the special coaching team you are. I hope I never go back to where I was before you. I continue to feel amazing, thankful, and blessed! I will continue to pray for your ministry to reach other ladies who need the encouragment and support of the sisterhood.

— Karen Kehr

I am someone who had been a bit skeptical of coaching, to be honest. Not because what coaches have to offer isn't valuable - It's just that I used to always think "I already know so many good things, I would be able to do this on my own." But, I had been so stuck for a long time! And I finally realized that this is where coaching comes in. It's not just about a lot of great new information (although there is plenty of that!) and it's not about getting someone else to figure out what you need to do. For me it was like this: I had some things in my life I was trying to accomplish, and some things I needed to overcome in order to do that, and I had been spinning my wheels about it for quite some time. The Sisterhood Coaching program helped me to stop spinning my wheels and get some traction. A lot of traction! I accomplished getting my business off the ground, and in the process, I worked through so many personal and professional things that literally improved my quality of life in every areas. Even though I'm more productive than ever I also feel more balanced, and I'm experiencing more joy and peace than I have in a long time. And I know that the changes I've made are sustainable for the long term. Stacie and Francie provided a wonderful mixture of knowledge, listening, encouragement and accountability that was just what I needed. Their heart is to serve, and if you're willing to put in the effort I believe this is a program that will serve you well. I highly recommend it!

— Amy Byykkonen

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