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Embracing Self Care without feeling Guilty

Or...How to put yourself first and not feel bad about it!

Today's blog post is one that I will make sure to re-read to myself often. And it has been a trending topic lately within my circle of Sisters! So let's get down to it: Self-care is an essential practice for maintaining over well-being and leading a balanced life (and keeping our sanity!) Yet, so many of us struggle with feelings of guilt or selfishness when putting our own needs first. Today, let's explore some great strategies to help overcome those negative emotions and fully embrace self-care without feeling bad!

Strategy 1- Understand the Importance of Self-Care

Yes, understanding the importance of self-care in the first step towards singing "Let it Go" to guilt! Recognize that taking care of yourself is not selfish, but rather is a necessary act of keeping yourself happy and healthy. Think of it as self-preservation. By putting your well-being first, you are more able to help and support others. (You know, like how on an airplane we are told in the event of an emergency, place your oxygen mask on yourself first, before you help others? Same concept!)

Strategy 2- Challenge Negative Attitudes

Often times, the negative attitude is NOT from others, but from within, and we need to challenge those self-limiting beliefs. As society begins to embrace self-care, so do we (you know who you are, those women who talk down at themselves for needing a quiet moment, a day to themselves, or a little time-out!) Challenge your thoughts by reminding yourself that self-care is a fundamental human need, not a luxury. Acknowledge that you deserve to invest time in activities that nurture your physical, mental, and emotional health. After all, what advice would you give one of your closest friends who felt bad about wanting to take time to focus on self-care? Nine times our of ten, we give GREAT advice, but rarely take that advice ourselves.

Strategy 3- Reframe your Perspective

It's all about shifting your mindset from viewing self-care as a selfish act to seeing it as an investment in your overall health and wellness. When taking care of yourself, you are more able and equipped to show up for others, being more present in the moment and feel your authentic self. Changing your mindset to celebrate self-care in a win-win for all those around you.

Strategy 4- Start Small, Be Consistent

When creating any new habit or shifting a mindset, it is important to start small, but keep it consistent. Start by incorporating small self-care practices into your daily routine. It can be simple, like reading a book (like the Bible!) for 15 minutes, engaging in morning stretches/yoga to get your blood flowing, or taking a hot bath before bed (I love my hot tub, and it is used most nights of the week!) Consistency is key; make sure you do something daily and make it a part of the non-negotiable part of your day, and gradually increase time in your schedule to dedicate to self-care.

Strategy 5- Set Boundaries

This is an essential strategy, as we all too often get sucked back into whatever takes our time away from ourselves. However, it is OKAY to set clear and honest boundaries with others, and communicate your needs. YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO SPEAK UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOU! Letting others know about your self-care and why it is important to you helps to alleviate feelings of guilt. Encourage open conversations and educate others about the significance of self-care, not only in your life, but in theirs as well! You never know how the depth of your knowledge can positively influence someone else!

Remember that taking care of yourself is a form of self-love. And when you love yourself, it is infectious and others see it and feel it...and then will probably ask you what your secret is! Practicing self-care is not something to feel ashamed or guilty of, but rather, self-care should be celebrated, and it's a good thing to feel proud of making yourself a priority so that you can be better for others in your life. Take small steps towards self-care today and witness the positive impact if has on your life!

I truly hope these 5 strategies can help you focus on prioritizing YOU. As I stated in the first paragraph of today's blog, this is a document I will continue to read and re-read for my own reminder to not feel guilty taking care of myself. I have often put others before myself, or before even my own family. As a coach, teacher, mentor, and life coach, it is a struggle sometimes to prioritize myself and my family because my passion to help others is so strong. Which is why I wanted to share with you my musings and thoughts on how to not feel guilty when seeking self-care. Remember, Sisters, I am just like all of you. I am not perfect, by any means, but I desire to be better today than I was yesterday. If this speaks to you, please subscribe to The Sisterhood Coaching ( Or Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. (search up The Sisterhood Coaching!)

We also have a very cool Self-Care Calendar that will be available for purchase on Sunday, Oct. 15! The price is low, the benefits are HIGH!!! Worth it! Check it out!

With love,

Coach Stacie

The Sisterhood Coaching

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