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life coaching sisters Stacie and Francie

         About the Sisters- Your Coaches: 



Hello! I'm the older sister (even though age is irrelevant here!)

I began my career in fitness working in a health club in our home town when I was 19 years old. After a couple years, I knew I wanted to be a middle school Health and Fitness Teacher. I received my BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Health and Fitness Education from Central Wash. Univ.  Then, I pursued my Master's Degree in Physical Education, Health, and Leisure Services at CWU. Also, I received a Master's Degree from Liberty University in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching. 

Teaching middle school physical education/health for 20 years, I made the switch to high school PE and Health a three years ago and love it! I've been a high school cheer coach for 8 years (and have coach many other middle school sports, but cheer has my heart). 

For about 2 years, I had my own Life Coaching business in a cute brick and mortar office in my former downtown. I closed shop when our family moved, thinking life-coaching was something I "might come back to someday"...and someday happened sooner than I thought when my little sister had a whisper from God on her heart that grew...and when she spoke to me about it, I knew God was speaking to me too! How could I say no? God is good all the time, and has our plans already worked out, bringing us together when He needs us! Guess what? He needs YOU, too! Are you ready?!

Hi! I'm the younger sister, and the one who had the grand idea for The Sisterhood Coaching! I had to remind my sister that she is really good at what she does (you know, RAISE HER UP, CHEER HER ON!) because with her, I knew we could make this coaching partnership incredible for you all!!!

I am an elementary teacher by day- I have a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Reading from Central Wash. Univ.  I also have a Master's Degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University! I have been teaching for over 20 years. Currently I am music and arts specialist for a K-2 public school in Washington State. I also earned my barre certification and taught barre to local women for 3 years at my community fitness center.

Recently, I received my Certification in Health and Nutrition Life Coaching from Transformation Academy (and am currently working towards Master Life Coach certification).  I pursued this after three years of physical, mental, and emotional life changes resulting in major weight loss, gained confidence, and a renewed since of self. I realized if I could make these changes, holding myself accountable after a life of eating ice cream and potato chips, then ANY woman could set goals and reach them...and I want to help women get there. I learned a lot from my sister, and I learned a lot from my own process, and then learned from my certification academy- now I cannot wait to teach my Sisterhood of new friends how to reach their best self! 

Life coaching sisters Stacie and Francie
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