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Moving Forward in 2022- How to Enjoy Life More in the New Year

Whew! We made it through 2021! And if you are anything like me, you thought 2021 was going to prove to be an easier go than 2020...but then you remembered that at least we have a few months of "normalcy" in the beginning of 2020. (And really, what IS "normalcy" anymore?)

As a high school teacher and cheer coach, a parent, and of course a confidence coach, I have witnessed many negative mental health changes in the people I see daily. As we moved forward into 2022, what are some ways we can all move forward POSITIVELY, RESILIENTLY, and HAPPILY?! I've got a list of TEN ways we can all do this...

So, grab your favorite warm drink (as it is currently snowing outside my window as I write this!), and read along. I'm sure you will find these "TEN Nuggets of Enjoyment in Life" helpful as we ring in 2022!

#1- Make YOU a Priority

Sounds easy. Yet I find excuses all the time why I need to put away Christmas decorations, scrub the shower, or make lunch for the family. I'm a mom and a home's just what I do. BUT, it IS necessary to take the time to put yourself as the priority. It is NOT being selfish. By taking YOU time, you are re-aligning your focus and strengths that make you the woman you are. Many of the next tips will actually REQUIRE you to take the time for yourself. It's okay to have your quiet time in the morning to drink your chai tea and read a devotional, or go get that pedicure, or put on your ear pods and jam out to your favorite 80's big hair bands or 90's gansta rap! (Oh, or is that just me???)

#2- Relax and Rejuvenate

Get the massages, join a yoga class, focus on meditation, take a nap!...whatever you need to do

to relax. As a former (and now just in PE classes) yoga instructor, I loved when we got to the final relaxation part (or Savasana) as I was able to physically see my students truly relax as I walked them through a guided mediation, allowing for restoration and rejuvenation. It is essential for our bodies to relax and rejuvenate. In fact, did you know that when we relax, our bodies are actually fighting illness and disease because when our heart rate slows down, our blood pressure is reduced, and tension leaves that is when our body is able to absorb nutrients that fights infection? Pretty cool. So, by practicing relaxation, you are truly keeping healthy, in more ways than one!

#3- Take a News/Media Break

Now that you've gotten the info about this blog, most likely from our Facebook or Google, it's time to take a news break and a social media break! Have you ever noticed how much negativity you see the moment you turn on the news or open your social media feeds? Research has shown that by taking breaks from social media and/or the news, you are creating a healthier EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING. As a mom, I try to limit my sons screen time...but as an adult, I don't worry about it so much with myself or other adults...which is sadly a misconception. We all need to limit our screen time, and it is okay to take a break from the news and from our social media sources. Try it for a full day. Maybe extend it a week. How about trying a month? The emotional benefits are outstanding. (I mean, AFTER you read this entire blog, of course!)

#4-Take the Trip

Those of your that follow "The Sisterhood Coaching" on a regular basis may remember when my sister Francie, and I, took our Bucket List trip to Nashville this past August. We put out a small video on why it is important to take a trip or vacation. Life is short, making memories last a lifetime. For some people (I'm speaking about myself), it is the PLANNING of the trip that boosts happiness! And then following through is the icing on the cake! But also, traveling helps you build connections with others, by learning new cultures, or tasting new foods, or see new my humble opinion, it really is one of the best ways to continue learning! Which takes me to...

#5-Never Stop Learning

B.B. King once said "The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you." I really love that. From the moment we are born, until the day we pass from this earth, we are learning and life is constantly teaching. And no one can take away the gift of learning from you. There may be situations that happen that some would say a person is not learning...and I would still disagree. Our mind is a beautiful thing, capable of some much. Our brains our constantly changing and growth is always happening. By learning something new, you are challenging yourself and making yourself more confident...but also, you are adding to your list of interesting things to talk about and that make you unique! Download that Duolingo app and learn a new language, or sign up to take a jewelry making class at your local college, or sign up for the cooking classes during your next vacation to New Orleans! (oh, that's just me, again, thinking out loud! haha!)

#6- Have a Clean Routine

Okay, so, I'm going to be perfectly honest here with you all. THIS is the nugget I am going to try to follow the most! (Why? Well, I don't have a routine and then I look around my house and blow up like a volcano and make everyone stop what they are doing to CLEAN THE HOUSE! I would be so less stressed with a routine!) Lately, on Pinterest, I have seen (and pinned) all these cool cleaning routines to make cleaning a daily fun task instead of a "HOLY MOLY" task! By doing this, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Also, there is a direct correlation to having a clean and organized house and mental health and peace. Your brain is not over-stimulated by extra clutter. And cleanliness helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. To me, this sounds like a good plan for 2022, to "chunk up" the cleaning routine into daily do-able dollops!

#7- Move It, Move It

Do you remember the lemur King Julian in the Madagascar movies? "I like to Move It, Move It" (1990's song by Reel 2 Real) was sang and danced to by King Julian and all the other lemurs in the jungle. It still makes me giggle! Which is what exercise does!!! It creates endorphins, which is the chemical in your body that makes you feel good! Creating a daily "Move It" time for yourself keeps your physically healthy, but also, keeps you mentally and emotionally healthy! By finding something you enjoy doing (like for me, its Zumba or dance inspired workouts), you will find yourself smiling, happy, and healthy!

#8- Attitude of Gratitude

One of the first things Francie and I teach our clients at "The Sisterhood Coaching" is about the importance of keeping a gratitude journal. By tracking your daily moments you are grateful for, and the people and things you appreciate, you are actually changing your brain and your mindset. You feel yourself becoming happy, and this is why: when you write about the things that your a grateful for, your body lowers it's stress, which, again, have so many health benefits. Your body responds by releasing dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals needed for our emotions (and helps your sleep better!) and truly allows you to be happy from the inside out! And I've said it before, but really...HOW COOL IS THAT?! Try keeping a daily gratitude journal for at least 21 days. Contact Francie and I for a really great template. I promise, you will feel the difference having an Attitude of Gratitude!

#9- Don't Stop Believing

While this is undoubtedly one of the band Journey's most sung to song, it is truly important as we move forward into 2022 to not stop believing. For me, it is believing that I am the daughter of a King (Jesus) and He will take care of me and my family, as I lean my faith into Him. For others, it's believing that we are all connected to something bigger and greater than ourselves, and maybe for others it's that we will persevere in 2022. Whatever it is, it is the belief that optimism out weighs all other thoughts, ideas, and actions. That as we move forward into the future, we will face it head on, with a big smile on our faces! "Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling!" (You sang that, didn't you?!)

#10-You are Perfect, Just the Way you Are

I can not do a post and not add that you are perfect, just as you are, and when you look in the mirror, who are made for a purpose, so love that person in that mirror! Moving in to 2022, it's okay to want to be better version of you (I encourage it!), but remember, a better version is simply who you are already, just fine- tuning all your special gifts and qualities. There is no one else on Earth just like you. You are unique, you are a gift, and you have so much to offers this world and everyone you reach.

As you ring in the New Year, I hope these little tips or nuggets are helpful with moving forward and enjoying life more this year...but more than that, I hope you have a year full of health, wellness, and blessings among blessings. Never let anyone dull your shine, and never forget your strength, power and beauty. Sister, you Rock, and that, that is what will make 2022 the Best Year Yet!

Comment if you liked today's blog! We love to hear from you!

xoxo- Stacie and Francie of "The Sisterhood Coaching"

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