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Finding Your Joy in Life- Part 2

Practical tips for finding your Joy and being Happy just Because!

Be in the moment
The sign that says it all

In last week's blog, I introduced the WHY finding Joy in life is important for physical, mental and spiritual health. This week, join me as I continue our discussion on Joy, providing you with some personal anecdotes and practical strategies to finding your Joy!

Recently, I have been making some subtle changes in my life to find more balance in my Wellness Wheel. I've also made some not-so-subtle BIG changes, as well. Not long ago, I had to take a moment (or two!) to reflect on what brings me joy. This was actually brought upon due to lady health issues. Nothing life or death, but stressful, all the same. I do believe when we are ignoring God's voice, He will find other ways to have us hear Him...this seems to be the case in my life (through a little bit of a health issue!) Anyway, I sat back and reflected on my Wellness Wheel, noticing some areas that were quite out of balance. I also took time to reflect on what truly brings me joy.

Sometimes, it is really easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Often, we find ourselves chasing success, material possessions, or approval from our society and surroundings. We even believe these are the things that will bring us true happiness and joy. However, did you know that true happiness, fulfillment, and joy come from within? It took your Sisterhood Coach a hot second to remind myself of this. So, let's dive in to the strategies that have helped me, and hopefully, will be a help to you, too!

Happiness and Joy
Happiness and Joy

Strategy 1- BE IN THE MOMENT

One of the key ingredients of life is being present in the moment, and embracing that moment! It is so easy to get caught up in the past, or worry about the future that we forget about the NOW. It's also easy to be sucked into external things like our phones, tv, or work. Be mindful about HOW you are approaching each moment and what you need to do to fully be present.

The picture at the top of the blog is actually a sign I just found in a box this past weekend while putting out my fall decorations. I used to have this little sign hanging near the kitchen of our old home and I read it daily. Since moving to our new house, I guess I had it tucked away in a box I had yet to "re-discover" (even though we have now lived here for nearly 4 years!!!!) Also, what makes this sign more special is that I remember my dad having something to do with...whether he helped my mom find it for a gift, or he had really liked it and quoted it often (because George Strait, the Kind of country, has been quoted saying this!)

At any rate, this little sign is just another reminder that to find true joy, we must be present in those moments. When you practice mindfulness and being in the moment, you can begin to appreciate the simple things that bring you pleasure. Whether it's spending quality time with your family or good friends, savoring a delicious meal, or enjoying time outside (maybe with your cute dog...or is that just me?!), being present allows us to fully experience joy in each moment.

Today is a gift.
Great words to remind us!


If you are a regular to reading The Sisterhood Coaching blogs, then you are aware of how often I talk about having gratitude. It is because IT IS SO VITAL AND TRUE! Gratitude is so powerful and significantly impacts your overall happiness. It shifts our focus by helping us see the good we have in our life, rather than seeing the bad always. Gratitude allows you to appreciate life's blessings.

Take a few moments each day to reflect on the things you are grateful for. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Think about the things you are grateful for the minute you wake up and then before you go to bed, think about the events of the day (or the moments you were present in), that your are thankful for. This will help you fall asleep surrounded with positivity. (Seriously, this is my MOST FAVORITE PART OF MY DAY! I don't know how I would feel without my gratitude journal that I use daily, and especially before bedtime! Life changer!) When having an attitude for gratitude, you open yourself up to a world of joy and happiness!


Discovering and pursuing your passions and purpose is a surefire way to find happiness and joy! I am here to give you permission to actively and confidently find what fuels you, and drives you and, ultimately, what helps you find joy. I am also here to tell you that, YES, passions throughout your life change, and your purpose may shift. What brought you happiness 10 years ago may have drastically changed. Example: Me and coaching cheer.

When you struggle, you need to reflect.
Struggle bus! But a great ride.

When I realized that passion for coaching cheer was creating more stress rather than joy in my life, I struggle. Like FULL ON STRUGGLE BUS struggled. Why? Because I thought my purpose laid within the guidance of young adults to help them fulfil their voices and their passions! And while I do still believe that is a PART of my purpose, it was God's voice telling me it was okay to step away from cheer because I have completed my work there. Currently, I am teaching an amazing Freshman Seminar class three times a day, and that is becoming a part of my purpose, as that purpose has just shifted. Also, as I mentioned earlier, said health concern helped me realize that I am passionate about being a MOM, even though my boys are older (but that doesn't mean they don't need fact, they may need me more right now!) And of course, I have become so much more passionate about The Sisterhood Coaching and all the amazing work I am able to do here.

So, my sisters, it is OKAY to pursue your passions and fulfil your purpose! Even if you thought once upon a time you had it all figured out, return to a state of reflection and do a re-inventory of how you feel. You will find an abundance of joy waiting for you!


Taking care of yourself is essential for finding happiness and joy. And literally what I keep coming back to in today's little health issue. How often have a put others before myself? Do you feel that, too? I am personally learning to make myself a priority. In doing so, I have already found so much joy!

Engaging in activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul is SO GOOD FOR YOU! Find a new or fun exercise to try or get back into, try new and nutritious foods, put yourself to bed earlier and don't apologize for getting more and better sleep! I have even started doing more "paint and sip" nights with friends, and I am feeling rejuvenated through having a creative outlet and social time to JUST BE. Take the time to invest in yourself, after all, you are investing in your own best commodity- Happiness and Joy!

Surround yourself with positivity!
Paint night with a positive person!


This one is a biggie, believe it or not. Have you ever been around someone and you can FEEL the energy being sucked out of you, or they bring you down with negativity or meanness? Time to let those people go and hang on to the ones who uplift you and inspire you! Human interaction is a vital source of joy in all our lives, so surround yourself with people who share your values, who support you, and who genuinely want to cheer you on and see you happy! Remember the above strategy of pursuing your passions and purpose? By joining clubs, organizations, or community events, you are not only finding new passions or purpose, but also cultivating new friendships and tribes!

Learning to communicate effectively and efficiently is also helpful. Whether it be your spouse, your children, or your good friends, it is always important to focus on healthy communication to continue to have that happiness and joy shine through! Easier said than done, at times, I am aware. Lucky for you, The Sisterhood Coaching can help with that, too!

IN CONCLUSION, following these five strategies I shared with you today can be very helpful with finding Your Joy in Life. I hope you didn't mind me sharing my experiences and examples, as I do like to be completely transparent so you all know I am a REAL PERSON, too. No one is perfect. Progress over perfection is what we are aiming for! And finding our true joy is the goal...and being happy just because!

Do you enjoy these weekly blogs? If so, please make sure to subscribe so you never miss one. And feel free to share it with your friends, and also the new friendships you begin to grow because you've read these blogs and had life changing "A-Ha!" moments as a result! And finally, did you know you can buy some pretty cool products now at The Sisterhood Coaching website store? One of the really great things is the new "Daily Affirmations and Gratefulness Jar Journal." Check it out! Until next week!


Coach Stacie

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